"No Judges, No Lawyers...Just Great Communication" 

  Before author Taylor M. Fletcher met his wife, he often lamented to himself and friends about the mixed signals he would get from the women he was dating. Either those signals would be interpreted correctly, or if interpreted incorrectly he would be left in the dog house. Taylor often felt baffled and confused, never truly knowing where he stood in his relationships. After some time and with a little determination Taylor feels he has figure out what relationships need, and the best way to communicate your relationship expectations with your partner. After years of happiness and a few heartbreaks along the way Taylor is finally sharing his success secret with you in Our Marriage Contract the Book.  

   In Our Marriage Contract the book, Taylor will explain how "Expecting leads to Disappointment.... Disappointment leads to resentment..... Resentment leads to Failure"!  Whether you’re just beginning a serious relationship, are becoming engaged, planning on getting hitched, or even if you have been married for years, this book and it's message will work wonders for your relationship. Our Marriage Contract will teach you how to create an agreement that suits you and your partner exactly. You will be guided through the steps, addressing both the serious necessities and the fun expectations.